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Russian archpriest: The future belongs to Muslims
Russia’s Orthodox archpriest Dmitri Smirnov said that Muslims were closer to the teachings of Jesus than Christians.

World Bulletin / News Desk
In a sermon that reportedly took place in a church in Moscow on Sunday, Russia’s Orthodox archpriest Dmitri Smirnov said the future belongs to the Muslims after comparing them to Christians.
Recalling an experience shared with him by an elderly woman in his congregation, he mentioned that Muslim drivers never took money when taking her to church, whereas Christian drivers were only interested in making money.
‘A child doesn’t take money from his mother, especially if she is going to pray,’ the Archpriest said, quoting Muslim drivers, adding that Christian drivers would say ‘This is my job.’
‘A Muslim bringing you to Easter or anything else is closer to the Messiah (Jesus Christ) than a Christian who wants money,’ Smirnov told his congregation, ‘because the Christian driver has no mercy, pity or kindness in his heart.’
‘A Muslim is not interested in gaining benefit from the old woman. Rather, the Muslim offers to take her around, take her to the landrette, pay her bills, take her to the market, carry her bags up to her floor or to her elevator (if she has one),’ he said.
Smirnov went on to say: ‘For this reason, the future will belong to the Muslims. The future is theirs. They will plough this land, because today’s Christians are not in need of these things.’
‘In fact, during their festivals the people are scared to enter their areas (in Moscow) because tens of thousands of young Muslim men fall down on their knees and worship God. Where have you seen that many Orthodox men? You cannot see them anywhere at any time,’ he concluded.
Up to 15% of people in Russia are Muslim and Islam is the second largest religion in the country. In some parts of the Northern Caucasus and Central Asian regions, Islam is the main religion. Around two million Muslims also live in the capital Moscow.
Islam is a monotheistic religion that preaches the belief in one god and belief in all the biblical prophets from Adam up until Muhammad, who is accepted as the last prophet. Muslims also accept Jesus as a prophet of God rather than the son of God.

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